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Search, find, play, download, repair, edit and convert YouTube, Vimeo or similar videos using just one tool, MyTube BigPack 5.

With MyTube BigPack 5 you will be able to find millions of videos from different Internet platforms. In this trial version you can´t do searches simultaneously, but you will be able to do them one by one. With just a few steps, this program allows you to download a clip from a web platform to your computer or convert it into the MP3 audio format and save it so that you can use it later.

The result is fast and effective. In just one go, MyTube BigPack 5 will send the video directly from the search results or the player to a download list that can be edited in the moment. It also allows you to add your favorite videos to different play lists.

MyTube BigPack 5 allows you to convert a video from the web to an MP3 file to enjoy your music from home or in video format for your iPhone or DVD.

Furthermore, it has and additional advantage. You won´t need to have the codecs in your system to play Flash or MP4 videos; you can watch them on MyTube from the preview screen.

MyTube BigPack 5 was designed to be as comfortable as possible for you, as you can use all its functions at the same time: you can search for videos, watch them, download them and convert them. You can watch one film while you download or convert the format of another one.

- Video outputs: FLV, MP4, AVI, DIVX, XVID, 3GP, MPEG, DVR and WMV
- Audio outputs: MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, WMA.

- CPU with at least 1 GHz.
- Minimum 1GB RAM memory for Windows Vista.


- One year trial version.
- It doesn´t search two platforms simultaneously.

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